Aug 15, 2016

Talking White Privilege on Facebook Part: 1

"I don't even pay attention to what color they are."

Yes, you do; your brain does that for you. Flight or fight begins with cultural matching. We are tribal by nature. This isn't a crime, just a residual of natural selection. So to repeat; this isn't racial bias, we are all the same race.
"...but there is no difference between my American culture and the culture of another American who grew up near me."
That is the near absolute definition of white privilege.
That another culture has the same advantages I do so I don't have to think about it. "It just takes care of itself."
"Trying to say that blacks and whites have different cultures because...based on skin color"
You do not read what I write or filter it through your perceptions. We do have different cultures. Of course we do. On a graph we could see black and white culture merging in some aspects. But you wouldn't know what to do if you lived with a black urban family for a month. They are of the same race but of different ethnic backgrounds (depending of variables of geography, income, traditions etc.)

And many are segregated.

Income being the prime factor. Like I asked before, white couple, black couple, statistically who gets the bank loan first? Who has a higher percentage of getting a mortgage on their house, a primary way Americans send their kids to college.

Keep in mind I am 50yrs old. I was around on the eighties, the few black families in Tracy California, had to go to higher lengths to receive a loan. Even so far as bringing in a white friend to cosign. I remember the conversation my dad had about with mom, the first time I heard a conversation about the difficulties of being black in America.

So how many African-Americans went to college when I was college age. Where are they now? When they were less than ten percent of the population in the eighties, how many black men went to college and became captains of industry?

How many black men do you see on Forbes lists compared to whites? How many in congress? Judges, cops, lawyers, doctors? The news casts, even on Fox of all places has been blacker in the last decade than I EVER watched on TV growing up.

I don't know how old you are but life experience makes a difference. I have seen the changes for half a century.

It's waaaaay better but keep in mind that the last whites only drinking fountain was taken down the month I was born. While that may seem like ancient history to you, their father told them about racism (cultural-ism).
My father was a Vietnam vet. Vietnam was his drinking fountain for the government.
Do you think I was raised to trust the government?

These may seem like heady days for you in this era, and it should, we've all done a lot of work to get here.
But there is still work to do.

It begins with understanding history and our real place in it.

Author: Dennis M. Sweatt, Copyright 2016.

Aug 9, 2016

Republicans Voting For a Silver Spoon Fed Nanny Raised Billionaire?

Republicans Voting For Trump
"Donald Trump suggested that one of his supporters could shoot Hillary Clinton to stop her from picking Supreme Court justices if she is elected president." (

I have to frank here.

If you have even considered voting for this silver spoon fed, nanny raised, billionaire just because you don't want Hillary, you have a serious mental illness.

This is not a mistype. 

Your awareness of the shortcomings of other human beings is staggeringly inept.

"I don't want Hillary in the white house any more than you do."

Republicans, if it makes you feel any better, Hillary will probably take us to war her first three months in to her term. Think of her as a smarter George Bush if it helps you sleep at night.
Please do not vote for Trump. You are seriously no patriot by doing so.

Look, we get it!

You think Democrats are evil Transgender, Muslim loving traitors, because Bill O' Reilly and Breitbart told you so. God knows, they say it so much how can you think any other way, or for yourself?

Jul 28, 2016

The U.S. Government Cannot Manage A Population This Size

Author: Jeremiah James Cloud

We are not united in anything.

The function of our government doesn't work with a population of this size. It worked when we were more on the level of Germany's current population size, give or take 10-20 million, but I won't cling to old ideals that don't work anymore.

I don't believe in being polite about change. If I actually had a voice, I would have students stop all public university administration buildings from being able to function until something was done about the cost of school, regardless of what the short term costs are. There are certain things I don't believe in compromise for and it doesn't help that it is borderline split 50/50 these days with liberals and conservatives. Every single decision is countered.
That is the biggest difference between us and the more successful smaller nations. We are not united in anything. We clash at a national level, at a state level, county level, city level, religious level, etc. Even when people do agree, their priorities are different. One wants top of the line foreign policy in a president while another wants things fixed at home first.

"I simply will not support the government until I am personally benefiting from my own tax investment."

I refuse to support paying for such a large prison population where over half are stupid victim-less crime charges, too large of a chunk dedicated to an unnecessarily large military and policing the world, bailouts for rich corrupt morons simply because they are "job creators" for inefficient SHIT jobs that do not keep up with inflation and have pathetic infomercials attached to their training videos about how they "care for their employees" (utter bullshit), lack of modern public transportation, and lack of a maintained infrastructure.

The U.S. has 5 things going for it, national parks, Hollywood, diversity (though I do have some Nationalist views towards preserving independent cultures while simultaneously pushing inclusiveness), road trips (huge and spread out, every state is different), and party culture. I would say food, but fast food has sort of ruined much of it, though if you subtract our unhealthy modern trends, we do have some great choices in all types of food categories.

As for politics, the U.S. is a giant cluster fuck, PERIOD! Until there is more agreement, nothing substantial will be accomplished. Right now we just have morons that vote to make history based on gender/ethnicity, vote a party simply because family has in the past, vote because of religion, etc. Such a huge number of voters do not make personal uninfluenced decisions.

That is what I am doing, regardless of what it hurts because it is what I want. It's MY vote, not yours, not the dumb dominant Democratic or Republican parties, or anyone else. I don't simply vote for better or worse, I vote for what I want and that is how it will always be regardless of media, relatives, friends, and/or the evils of opposing candidates that rival the others in popularity. Complain about it all you want, change only happens when multiple agree. You have already decided that that can't happen and fall in line with what is presented to you.

"Let me ask you something, if you truly wanted to protest would you go to the government designated area at the designated time with designated rules? That isn't a protest. That peaceful shit that doesn't hinder what is being targeted accomplishes nothing." 

At the same time, I do not support violent protests like select BLM riots in recent years that targeted civilian property/business unrelated to any law enforcement issues that they had. If a large enough proportion doesn't believe in something and it isn't changing, then you shut that shit down by occupying it in numbers until they have to listen.

That is hard to do here because we are so giant and spread out now. Hence the need for political unity, but as long as we have this near 50/50 conservative/liberal bullshit, nothing will become better for the general population. It will continue to benefit preexisting networked success stories, inherited wealth, etc, similar to peasants and nobles from bygone areas. Screw that.

Jul 21, 2016

White Nationalist Talking Points...Are Pointless

White Nationalist Talking Points
Writer: Dennis M. Sweatt

I was engaged in a discussion on Facebook with an anti-Black Lives Matter enthusiast. As you can imagine it was getting nowhere fast. So I decided on a new tactic. As an heuristic, a form of educating through questions, I asked a few.

  • Why does the African-American educational system lack the funds of white suburban areas? 
  • How does the lack of education affect a culture?
  • So why are people of color seemingly crammed into small areas of big cities? 
  • Why are they disproportionately poor? 

-Why does their education system lack the funds of white suburban areas?

White Nationalist -"This is due to union dues and graft from the politicians in charge of the education systems of those areas. I would say it is just politicians in general, but three-quarters of those poverty areas vote in Democrats due to their continued promise of government assistance."

Union dues, hah funny! My mother and daughter are teachers. Income and taxes pay for education, and teachers spend about 33% of their income on average paying for supplies in their classrooms. Including their time far beyond class hours.
Without a union, teachers would be slaves.

-What does the lack of education do to a culture?

White Nationalist -"It creates slaves, which is precisely what LBJ wished when he cemented most of the Democrat programs in place from previous Democrat presidents. Unlike prior generations, these slaves are forced to farm votes. When one decided to go Republican, they are demonized as being racist and called vile and racist names by the Democrat-voting population."

So it's the black guys fault. 'It's inherent in their race.' 'They brought this on themselves.'
This has nothing to do the fact that African-Americans are disproportionately receiving more convictions for the same crimes compared to whites.

Nothing to do with the last 'whites only' drinking fountain wasn't removed until 1965, the year I was born.
That a black man my age has a grandfather who still remembers getting hit with a hose for wanting to have lunch in whites only cafeterias.
Only one generation ago.

Let me put it to you this way; my father is a Vietnam vet. Do you think he talks about war and nationalism the same way a world war II vet does?
My father was drafted, conscripted into a war that was a proven false flag operation. Men were ordered into jungles with body count requirements to satisfy the Pentagon bureaucrats. While generals and upper echelon ate steak in air conditioned buildings.

Do you think I was raised to trust the government?
Do you think my father told me "just comply and you won't get hurt"?

Think about the comparison. Would you be a black man in America today? It's certainly better than it was, but their grandfathers still remember the war, on them.

White Nationalist -"Race relations are currently lower than they were prior to the Watts Riots." 

How do you justify that?
Race relations with the state or between people of color, or blacks and whites?
My generation and beyond do not view people of color as our fathers did. Interracial marriages are not illegal or frowned upon; with the exception of the people at the republican national convention.

-So why are people of color seemingly crammed into small areas of big cities?

White Nationalist -"Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pays the rents of the people in those areas with government stipends through the welfare program."

Remember how African-Americans lived when those policies were put in place in September 9, 1965.
Kept to their own neighborhoods, only employed in labor related, blue color jobs.
Don't get me wrong, the black culture has work to do climbing out this welfare state.
But if you don't want them 'mingling' in your culture, it's going to cost you.

-Why are they disproportionately poor?

White Nationalist -"They are either unwilling to find good employment, thus removing their government assistance, or are unable to find good employment due to the distance required to travel to the areas of the employment."

Let's not forget the republican economic crash in 2008: ( -- "The hemorrhaging of American jobs accelerated at a record pace at the end of 2008, bringing the year's total job losses to 2.6 million or the highest level in more than six decades...The total number of unemployed Americans rose by 632,000 to 11.1 million."

So a culture 'inherently' hired less for the same jobs as whites now finds themselves with even fewer job opportunities than in the last six decades. It is fascinating that if President Obama had caused the economic global devastation as the Bush/Cheney administration, you would be calling for his head. Yet the president hasn't but you still do.

This actually falls under the Bush/Cheney presidency and NeoCon polices.
White Nationalist; voting for Trump style fascism, you made this mess, quit bitching and clean it up.

Jul 11, 2016

Do Churches Make Nations Great?

Churches do not make nations great. 

Writer: Dennis M. Sweatt

Churches are used to move the masses to wars without end; to disenfranchise groups with glorified hate. To enrich pastors like Ken Ham who spend millions building monuments to
Ken Ham Ark Encounter
allegorical stories like Noah's flood. 

Or mega churches and million dollar incomes for preachers like Joel Osteen, or Creflo Dollar. While children starve in America.

The church doesn't have anything man does not already possess. The silver and golden rules were already in use thousands of years before the story of Jesus took place. Asia did not have to be told by god to stop blood sacrifices, with another blood sacrifice, they just figured it out.

It's always a trap to say if we turn to this form of heuristic, if we teach people to fear an unrealistic for of eternal torture they will mend their ways. If this form of control really functioned the way the church has claimed it would for thousands of years, we wouldn't be in this state.

What state are we in? 

While it seems that violence is an everyday occurrence, it is. It has always been. When a nation, or the world at large begins to progress, when our wants and needs are easier to meet, we become complacent. Creatures of habit, we want out world to run along the 'freeway' without engine trouble.

violence steady decline

According to NATO, CDC and the World Health Organization, violence has been on a steady decline since the nineties. Peaking when Bush senior left office and declining a year after Bill Clinton took office.

At the same time, church attendance has been dropping steadily.
church attendance


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