Jul 21, 2016

White Nationalist Talking Points...Are Pointless

White Nationalist Talking Points
Writer: Dennis M. Sweatt

I was engaged in a discussion on Facebook with an anti-Black Lives Matter enthusiast. As you can imagine it was getting nowhere fast. So I decided on a new tactic. As an heuristic, a form of educating through questions, I asked a few.

  • Why does the African-American educational system lack the funds of white suburban areas? 
  • How does the lack of education affect a culture?
  • So why are people of color seemingly crammed into small areas of big cities? 
  • Why are they disproportionately poor? 

-Why does their education system lack the funds of white suburban areas?

White Nationalist -"This is due to union dues and graft from the politicians in charge of the education systems of those areas. I would say it is just politicians in general, but three-quarters of those poverty areas vote in Democrats due to their continued promise of government assistance."

Union dues, hah funny! My mother and daughter are teachers. Income and taxes pay for education, and teachers spend about 33% of their income on average paying for supplies in their classrooms. Including their time far beyond class hours.
Without a union, teachers would be slaves.

-What does the lack of education do to a culture?

White Nationalist -"It creates slaves, which is precisely what LBJ wished when he cemented most of the Democrat programs in place from previous Democrat presidents. Unlike prior generations, these slaves are forced to farm votes. When one decided to go Republican, they are demonized as being racist and called vile and racist names by the Democrat-voting population."

So it's the black guys fault. 'It's inherent in their race.' 'They brought this on themselves.'
This has nothing to do the fact that African-Americans are disproportionately receiving more convictions for the same crimes compared to whites.

Nothing to do with the last 'whites only' drinking fountain wasn't removed until 1965, the year I was born.
That a black man my age has a grandfather who still remembers getting hit with a hose for wanting to have lunch in whites only cafeterias.
Only one generation ago.

Let me put it to you this way; my father is a Vietnam vet. Do you think he talks about war and nationalism the same way a world war II vet does?
My father was drafted, conscripted into a war that was a proven false flag operation. Men were ordered into jungles with body count requirements to satisfy the Pentagon bureaucrats. While generals and upper echelon ate steak in air conditioned buildings.

Do you think I was raised to trust the government?
Do you think my father told me "just comply and you won't get hurt"?

Think about the comparison. Would you be a black man in America today? It's certainly better than it was, but their grandfathers still remember the war, on them.

White Nationalist -"Race relations are currently lower than they were prior to the Watts Riots." 

How do you justify that?
Race relations with the state or between people of color, or blacks and whites?
My generation and beyond do not view people of color as our fathers did. Interracial marriages are not illegal or frowned upon; with the exception of the people at the republican national convention.

-So why are people of color seemingly crammed into small areas of big cities?

White Nationalist -"Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pays the rents of the people in those areas with government stipends through the welfare program."

Remember how African-Americans lived when those policies were put in place in September 9, 1965.
Kept to their own neighborhoods, only employed in labor related, blue color jobs.
Don't get me wrong, the black culture has work to do climbing out this welfare state.
But if you don't want them 'mingling' in your culture, it's going to cost you.

-Why are they disproportionately poor?

White Nationalist -"They are either unwilling to find good employment, thus removing their government assistance, or are unable to find good employment due to the distance required to travel to the areas of the employment."

Let's not forget the republican economic crash in 2008: (CNNMoney.com) -- "The hemorrhaging of American jobs accelerated at a record pace at the end of 2008, bringing the year's total job losses to 2.6 million or the highest level in more than six decades...The total number of unemployed Americans rose by 632,000 to 11.1 million."

So a culture 'inherently' hired less for the same jobs as whites now finds themselves with even fewer job opportunities than in the last six decades. It is fascinating that if President Obama had caused the economic global devastation as the Bush/Cheney administration, you would be calling for his head. Yet the president hasn't but you still do.

This actually falls under the Bush/Cheney presidency and NeoCon polices.
White Nationalist; voting for Trump style fascism, you made this mess, quit bitching and clean it up.

Jul 11, 2016

Do Churches Make Nations Great?

Churches do not make nations great. 

Writer: Dennis M. Sweatt

Churches are used to move the masses to wars without end; to disenfranchise groups with glorified hate. To enrich pastors like Ken Ham who spend millions building monuments to
Ken Ham Ark Encounter
allegorical stories like Noah's flood. 

Or mega churches and million dollar incomes for preachers like Joel Osteen, or Creflo Dollar. While children starve in America.

The church doesn't have anything man does not already possess. The silver and golden rules were already in use thousands of years before the story of Jesus took place. Asia did not have to be told by god to stop blood sacrifices, with another blood sacrifice, they just figured it out.

It's always a trap to say if we turn to this form of heuristic, if we teach people to fear an unrealistic for of eternal torture they will mend their ways. If this form of control really functioned the way the church has claimed it would for thousands of years, we wouldn't be in this state.

What state are we in? 

While it seems that violence is an everyday occurrence, it is. It has always been. When a nation, or the world at large begins to progress, when our wants and needs are easier to meet, we become complacent. Creatures of habit, we want out world to run along the 'freeway' without engine trouble.

violence steady decline

According to NATO, CDC and the World Health Organization, violence has been on a steady decline since the nineties. Peaking when Bush senior left office and declining a year after Bill Clinton took office.

At the same time, church attendance has been dropping steadily.
church attendance

Jul 9, 2016

Can the Brain Pill Make You Bradley Cooper in Limitless

What is Brain Pill?

It’s not NZT but it’s the kind of pill you might see in the movie Limitless.

74-time Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings uses it to stay sharp. Yes, we must be talking about the natural cognitive booster, Brain Pill – the supplement used by everyone from students to businessmen and everyone in between to boost memory and related brain function. Win debates on Facebook!

This isn’t some fictional magic pill in a tale of make believe. It’s the real thinga pill you can take to boost your memory, have a quick wit and sharpen your cognitive function.

How does this work? Good question. Let’s talk about Brain Pill.
Get the Brain Pill!

Introducing Brain Pill

Brain Pill is a natural cognitive booster. You can also call it a nootropic and, OK, fine, a smart pill. If you take Brain Pill, you’ll have better memory, because it’s formulated with high-impact natural ingredients that encourage better blood circulation in the brain and help establish paths in your brain responsible for short and long-term memory.

In particular it is designed to help mental alertness and fight memory loss. That alone is a big deal because the latter is a huge problem after we hit 40. Memory loss tends to get worse with time and is a lonely road to travel.

But what about these rumors of Brain Pill being a natural Limitless pill? Well, among other things, this formula is designed to help working memory – that’s your short-term memory – which scientists argue is a better litmus test for intelligence than IQ.

Having a high IQ just means you know how to ace a test. A good memory means your cognitive functions are firing on all cylinders.

In other words, Brain Pill really can make you more intelligent. Those rumors of it being a smart pill are valid.

Why People Use It

There are a million applications. It can help you remember where you put your keys, for example, or have faster recall of facts on an exam. That’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg, though, because the Brain Pill formula is like rocket fuel for your brain, and has exciting applications that might change your life.

Common reasons folks benefit from this formula:

Better Memory – The obvious reason people love Brain Pill is because it helps memory. That might help you remember someone’s name, for example. Or quickly retrieve key facts at work.

Boost Intelligence – Better memory means your brain has better cognitive and executive function. Yes, you really can take a pill and get more intelligent. Win arguments on Facebook!

Be More Productive – Remember in Limitless when Eddie Morra wrote that novel in just 3 days? You may not hit those levels but you’ll certainly get a lot more done with less effort.

Learn New Skills – Also like our favorite Bradley Cooper character from a movie that isn’t The Hangover, you may learn new skills when you take it. And remember them!

Fight Brain Fog – Ah brain fog…is there anything else that kills productivity with such reliable ad nauseum? The good news is this pill fights brain fog and brings your top game. Get that brain fog outta here!

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Use Brain Pill For Your Memory and Cognitive Skills

Most folks buy Brain Pill to boost their memory. That’s what it’s designed for, with clinically studied natural ingredients like Cognizin and Huperzia Serrata, which show huge promise for memory, brain function and their ability to keep it on its tippy-toes.

The memory benefits alone separate it from other so-called cognitive boosters.

But it’s those other benefits of Brain Pill that really make it awesome. Yes, you know the one you’re thinking about. Brain Pill will make you more intelligent. Call it a natural Limitless pill if you like, the end result is it’ll help make you smart.

Is that what you’re looking for? Then Buy Brain Pill Now!

Jun 29, 2016

Writing Under the Hot Nigerian Sun


We write what we know. African fiction is reality-based and for good reasons. Outside a simple hut, dirt roads lead to work, to the water well, to the Savanna. Movie theaters, libraries, schools, places that spark imagination beyond just survival are far and few between. African legends and lessons are passed from family to family in a story-based culture. These are the commonalities of African writing, in poetry, fiction, theater and folk tales. Many published works from these authors are culture-based centering on the household, politics and choices of morality. This is the world within the reach of 1900’s African writer, raised in riches or poverty.

My research led me to Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, writing under the name James Ngugi, a Kenyan writer of fiction and historical novels. I also found a Somali American educator named Sofia Samater. She has received multiple awards for her novel A Stranger in Olandria. Flora Nwapa, another Nigerian writer known for novels and short stories is acknowledged as the first African woman novelist. Her first novel Efuru was published in 1966, receiving acclaim and international recognition.

I became focused on Cyprian Ekwensi, a Nigerian fiction author. He was hailed as one of the most prolific writers of Nigeria from 1947 through 1991. His books of fiction Burning Grass and Beautiful Feathers, have received both critical review and literary awards. Fiction is a tool for those without voice to, not so subtly, hide meaning and code of the common tongue in the text of seemingly harmless fantasy. This leaves the interpretation open to government scrutiny. It is a protest of reading and whispers.

“However famous a man is outside, if he is not respected inside his own home, he is like a bird with beautiful feathers, wonderful on the outside but ordinary within.” Ekwensi, Beautiful Feathers(36)

This Igbo proverb applies to Wilson Iyari, the hero of Ekwensi’s novel. In the novel, Ekwensi writes about a non-violent demonstration to promote African solidarity. Wilson is the owner of the Independence Pharmacy. 

Cyprian Ekwensi
Coinciding with Nigerian Independence Day, this simple metaphor is teetering on literary insurrection. For it is a dangerous time in Nigeria to be outspoken against your government.

Cyprian Ekwensi has a unique style of writing; his at times excessive use of commas is to me a measure and beat to the reading. To think like an African is to read like an African. I am not African. 

At points in his story where my American eye wants to continue a thought or action from a protagonist, breaks and beats force me to refocus my perspective. I have to teach myself to let the author tell the story. And an African story is in the telling, not just the reading. Passing along a thought or an emotion has more importance than remembering the words used. 

When Ekwensi flowers his pros with eloquent words, those words seem forced, inserted rather than written from the heart. But this is a versatile author. Ekwensi has published novels and short stories, written plays for radio, scripts for television and the big screen. His writings focus on love, infatuation, infidelity, war, adventure, fantasy, politics, childhood, marriage, death, and ritual sacrifice. Ekwensi lived through the Apartheid in Nigeria. Many of his works were not translated into English until decades after being published in his native language.

While his land may be a continent away from us, his themes of love, hate, violence, childhood, death are common throughout the world. His protagonists are business owners, servants, farmers, working everyday men and women searching for a voice in the blazing Nigerian sun. I am pleased to have gotten to know Cyprian Ekwensi, through critical reviews, biographies and small portions of his work I was able to read.
Cyprian will be added to my library and shared with readers looking for a taste of African writing.

Cyprian Ekwensi was born on September 26, 1921 in Minna, Nigeria. He died November 04, 2007 but not before leaving a lasting and admired litany of written works, respected and reviewed for decades.

Author’s prolific work:
Ikolo the Wrestler, and Other Ibo Tales (London: Nelson, 1947).
When Love Whispers (Onitsha, Nigeria: Tabansi, 1947).
The Leopard's Claw (London: Longmans, Green, 1950).
People of the City (London: Dakers, 1954; revised edition, London: Heinemann, 1963; Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 1967).
The Passport of Mallam Ilia (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1960).
The Drummer Boy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1960).
Jagua Nana (London: Hutchinson, 1961; New York: Fawcett, 1969).
Burning Grass (London: Heinemann, 1962).
An African Night's Entertainment (Lagos: African Universities Press, 1962; London: Ginn, 1971).
Yaba Roundabout Murder (Lagos: Tortoise Series, 1962).
Beautiful Feathers (London: Hutchinson, 1963).
The Great Elephant-Bird (London: Nelson, 1965).
The Rainmaker and Other Stories (Lagos: African University Press, 1965; London: Ginn, 1971).
The Boa Suitor (London: Nelson, 1966).
Iska (London: Hutchinson, 1966).
Juju Rock (Lagos: African Universities Press, 1966; London: Ginn, 1966).
Trouble in Form Six (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1966).
Lokotown, and Other Stories (London: Heinemann, 1966).
Coal Camp Boy (Ibadan: Longman, Nigeria, 1973).
Samankwe in the Strange Forest (Ibadan: Longman, Nigeria, 1973).
Samankwe and the Highway Robbers (London: Evans, 1975).
Restless City and Christmas Gold, with Other Stories (London: Heinemann, 1975).
The Rainbow-Tinted Scarf and Other Stories (London: Evans, 1975).
Survive the Peace (London: Heinemann, 1976).
Divided We Stand (Enugu, Nigeria: Fourth Dimension, 1980).
Motherless Baby (Enugu, Nigeria: Fourth Dimension, 1980).
For a Roll of Parchment (Ibadan: Heinemann, 1986).
Jagua Nana's Daughter (Ibadan: Spectrum, 1986).
The Masquerade (London: Heinemann, 1991).
Gone to Mecca (Ibadan: Heinemann, 1991).

Jun 25, 2016

The NRA Failure to Liberty

It is always the cry of the gun enthusiast that anyone who argues for gun control measures is a lefty, unread on the Constitution, or unaware of reality. Why is that?
Most memes from the left have constitutional comparatives as to the language of the amendment, so they have read through it.

I am a gun owner who's been shooting since he was ten. And the second amendment was meant to form state run militia, who are -well regulated-, to stop tyranny.
Gun owners are not well regulated, they have no dependable militia, though they pretend to. The government has more tanks, drones, grenades, armor and ammo than gun owners will ever dream of. NRA members are not some stop gap to a tyrannical government. That's a John Wayne fantasy without reality.
When the amendment was written, there was still a chance to defend your liberty but that time has passed, long ago.

No one is going to take away the second amendment. That is a message from the politics of fear. Funded and supported by the NRA and right wing news outlets. These gun advocates have brought America to the brink of becoming a third world war zone. No one needs a thirty round magazine to hunt dear or protect your home. Because of the NRA, weapons of mass killing are so readily available, someone on the no fly list, proven to be an ISIS sympathizer, can buy a rifle in one day.

We do have a right to protect ourselves but we are not a military nation and do not need military style weapons to stop fear.

The politics of fear is the real tyranny.

Voting for the lesser two evils is tyranny. Voter ID laws are tyranny.
Real tyranny doesn't come in the form of a jack booted thug carrying an M-16. 
Look at the lines for voting. Look at the 2 million votes not counted in California during the last primary. Unregulated banking. Endless wars. Orange alerts. Militarized police force.
You cannot shoot your way out of this tyranny. American unity is the only shield against the further demise of our great nation.
But we bicker and spit hate over the internet with digital malice. While the 1%, the bankers, the military industrial complex, politicians, infect the entire world with fear.


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