May 10, 2015

Did Bush Commit High Treason or Dereliction of Duty?

911 terrorist attack photo
Muckraker Report : by Maher Osseiran

All the available information indicates that at least one of these crimes of 9/11 was committed and the finger points squarely at the Bush administration.

On Dec. 13, 2001, the Pentagon released a tape of Bin Laden in which he confessed to his visitor, Khaled Al-Harbi, of prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

The tape was billed as the smoking gun that proves Bin Laden’s guilt and in order to remove all suspicion of fowl play; the Pentagon released the tape in its entirety.

If Bin Laden, through his own words, implicated himself in the planning of 9/11 operations that took 3,000 innocent lives, the rest of the tape, which is a Bin Laden family home video of a downed Special Forces helicopter, implicates the Bush administration in a premeditated act that resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other corners of the world.

A detailed analysis of the tape, the only one of its kind, was summarized in an article published by, “Osama’s Confession; Osama’s Reprieve”. The article shows that the tape was the result of a two-part sting operation run by U.S. intelligence with the help of Saudi intelligence. The first part of the sting was to tape Bin Laden. The second part of the operation was to capture him.

The Bush administration was the closest ever to Bin Laden and could have captured him on September 26, 2001, the date of the taping; intelligence operatives were feet from him, had 4 days advance notice of the date of the meeting, 24 hours advance notice of the exact location, and knew that Bin Laden would be there for at least 3 hours if not longer since his family and his favorite son Hamza lived in that village and Bin Laden was very likely to stay overnight.

This scripted opportunity to capture him, barely two weeks after 9/11 and ten day prior to invading Afghanistan, was squandered in favor of taping him confessing; that can only be considered dereliction of duty in time of war.
There is no telling how the war on terror would have evolved with Bin Laden in custody, but, if captured on September 26, there would have been no justification to launch military operations against Afghanistan ten days later; the civilians who died in Afghanistan as a result are no longer unfortunate collateral damage, they were murdered.

The article also shows that Bin Laden’s capture was deferred to a future unknown date with little or no advance notice and little control over the capture operation parameters.

The technical analysis of the tape places a member of the sting team that did the taping, in the village up until November 5, 2001. Based on events and the variety of U.S. assets that converged on that little village on November 2, 2001, the sting team member's duty was to alert the Special Forces of when Bin Laden returned to visit his family.

On that date, a Special Forces helicopter crashed on a hill near the village. The Pentagon tells us that the helicopter was on a rescue mission to retrieve a wounded soldier and that it crashed in bad weather. A second helicopter on that mission rescued the crew while an F-14 destroyed the disabled helicopter shortly thereafter. The Pentagon gave 1:30 pm ET as the time of the helicopter crash, 11:00 pm local.

On that same date, the Pentagon reported that a Predator went missing at 2:15 pm ET, 11:45 pm local.

When the counterpunch article was published, I had not made a connection to the Predator. However, there was one loose item in my analysis that I filed away thinking it did not effect my article's conclusions. This item was a four cylinder, air cooled reciprocating engine with a Garrett turbo charger. At the time, I knew it was not large enough to run the main rotor of a military helicopter and assumed it was an auxiliary power unit (APU) that a variety of aircrafts use.

Approximately two weeks ago, I decided to revisit that item. I approached my investigation from a different angle and, after two days of work, was able to identify the engine as a Rotax 914. The only aircraft that uses this engine is a modified Predator of which the Air Force had only two examples on the date of the crash.

The Bin Laden family home video tapes the Predator engine as part of the helicopter wreckage. Further viewing of the video reveals that among other wreckage footage, the camera housing of a Predator was taped and erroneously identified as part of the helicopter.

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