Apr 19, 2007

9/11 WTC World Trade Centers The Most Complete Story Part 1-5

The Real Story To The 9/11 Controversy And Why The Towers Fell (It Was Not Terrorist) Video Also Includes The Collapse Of WTC 7 And How The Owner Doubled Insurance Coverage On The Towers And That President Bushes Brother Was Head Of Security For The Airport And Trade Centers. Also How Security For The WTC Was Halted A Week Before Attacks So They Could Plant Explosives And Then Removed Bomb Sniffing Dogs From There Patrols. This Is The Most Complete WTC Video To Date.

If You Want The Complete 1 1/2 Hour Full Screen Copy Send Your Address And Payment Of $18.99 For CD Or $9.99 For The Complete Download To Paypal ID To: jeannempierce2006@yahoo.com

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