Jun 25, 2016

The NRA Failure to Liberty

It is always the cry of the gun enthusiast that anyone who argues for gun control measures is a lefty, unread on the Constitution, or unaware of reality. Why is that?
Most memes from the left have constitutional comparatives as to the language of the amendment, so they have read through it.

I am a gun owner who's been shooting since he was ten. And the second amendment was meant to form state run militia, who are -well regulated-, to stop tyranny.
Gun owners are not well regulated, they have no dependable militia, though they pretend to. The government has more tanks, drones, grenades, armor and ammo than gun owners will ever dream of. NRA members are not some stop gap to a tyrannical government. That's a John Wayne fantasy without reality.
When the amendment was written, there was still a chance to defend your liberty but that time has passed, long ago.

No one is going to take away the second amendment. That is a message from the politics of fear. Funded and supported by the NRA and right wing news outlets. These gun advocates have brought America to the brink of becoming a third world war zone. No one needs a thirty round magazine to hunt dear or protect your home. Because of the NRA, weapons of mass killing are so readily available, someone on the no fly list, proven to be an ISIS sympathizer, can buy a rifle in one day.

We do have a right to protect ourselves but we are not a military nation and do not need military style weapons to stop fear.

The politics of fear is the real tyranny.

Voting for the lesser two evils is tyranny. Voter ID laws are tyranny.
Real tyranny doesn't come in the form of a jack booted thug carrying an M-16. 
Look at the lines for voting. Look at the 2 million votes not counted in California during the last primary. Unregulated banking. Endless wars. Orange alerts. Militarized police force.
You cannot shoot your way out of this tyranny. American unity is the only shield against the further demise of our great nation.
But we bicker and spit hate over the internet with digital malice. While the 1%, the bankers, the military industrial complex, politicians, infect the entire world with fear.

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