Jan 25, 2018

Why did Republicans Vote For a Silver Spoon Fed Nanny Raised Billionaire?

Nanny Raised Billionaire
"Donald J. Trump suggested that one of his supporters could shoot Hillary Clinton to stop her from picking Supreme Court justices if she is elected president." (politicususa.com)

I have, to be frank here.
If you have even considered voting for this silver spoon fed, nanny raised, billionaire just because you don't want Hillary, you have a serious mental illness. How many adult movie actresses have to come out of hiding to prove Donald isn't a moral man?

This is not a mistype.
Your awareness of his shortcomings is staggeringly inept considering how quickly you would light the Tiki torch if Obama made the slightest mistep.

"I don't want Hillary in the white house any more than you do."

Republicans, if it makes you feel any better Hillary will probably take us to war her first three months into her term. Think of her as a smarter George Bush if it helps you sleep at night.
Please stop supporting all of Trump's lies and failures. You are seriously no patriot by doing so.

Look, we get it!

You think Democrats are evil Transgender, Muslim loving traitors because Bill O' Reilly and Breitbart told you so. God knows, they say it so much how can you think any other way or for yourself?


l taylor said...

I will take Trump over the candidate that is under federal investigation any day. I have had enough of the elite power hungry administration . Hillary shouldn't even be running for president, but yet she call Trump unfit. The hypocrisy is out of control. You can trash Trump all you want, but he doesn't have 25 years plus of corruption in his political career. Oh ya thats right....He has never been a politician! She whines about his finger on the nuke but no body has said anything about the wonderful deal that was made with Iran (with no consequences)or how about the Russian Uranium Deal as cash continues to flow to the Clinton Foundation. We the people are tired of the corruption. So yes..to answer your question, I am with millions of other voters are voting for Trump. There is no way on earth anyone can say what kind of president Trump will make, but Hillary has told us what she is going to do

Dennis Sweatt said...

Trump is under federal investigation. Trump hides his tax returns, has cheated on all three wives, paid a porn star for her silence, disparaged multiple ethnic groups, and most glaring of all has never spoken a bad word about Putin.
Donald J. Trump is a traitor to the united states.


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