Feb 7, 2008

“Loose Change Final Cut” on Google Video

We here at Louder Than Words and Alex Jones Productions are proud to officially release “Loose Change Final Cut” on Google Video in the highest quality possible. Encouraging people to copy these films and hand them out, as well as hold screenings in Coffee Houses and Churches was a good start, but has not been enough in the past.

Our success in spreading awareness about the truth behind September 11th, 2001 is in large part with our ability to share our films freely through internet. We are hoping that all of you who have not seen the Final Cut will not only watch it, but email it to everyone you know, embed it on your Myspace or personal website, blog it, and post it on forums worldwide.

With the former Italian President saying it is well known within the intelligence community that 9/11 was a CIA and Mossad Op, and the Prime Minister of Japan and his cabinet being questioned about Insider Trading and the implosion of World Trade Center 7 by the opposition party, global interest in 9/11 truth is exploding.

If you decide today to share this information with everyone, family members may finally recieve answers to their many questions, and those who were criminally complicit may be tried and exposed. Its as easy as sending a link folks. Loose Change Final Cut puts the official government fable of 9/11 to rest, it truly is the nail in the coffin if you decide to be the hand that holds the hammer.

LCFC is available in high-quality at www.prisonplanet.com and www.loosechange911.com.

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