Jul 28, 2016

The U.S. Government Cannot Manage A Population This Size

Author: Jeremiah James Cloud

We are not united in anything.

The function of our government doesn't work with a population of this size. It worked when we were more on the level of Germany's current population size, give or take 10-20 million, but I won't cling to old ideals that don't work anymore.

I don't believe in being polite about change. If I actually had a voice, I would have students stop all public university administration buildings from being able to function until something was done about the cost of school, regardless of what the short term costs are. There are certain things I don't believe in compromise for and it doesn't help that it is borderline split 50/50 these days with liberals and conservatives. Every single decision is countered.
That is the biggest difference between us and the more successful smaller nations. We are not united in anything. We clash at a national level, at a state level, county level, city level, religious level, etc. Even when people do agree, their priorities are different. One wants top of the line foreign policy in a president while another wants things fixed at home first.

"I simply will not support the government until I am personally benefiting from my own tax investment."

I refuse to support paying for such a large prison population where over half are stupid victim-less crime charges, too large of a chunk dedicated to an unnecessarily large military and policing the world, bailouts for rich corrupt morons simply because they are "job creators" for inefficient SHIT jobs that do not keep up with inflation and have pathetic infomercials attached to their training videos about how they "care for their employees" (utter bullshit), lack of modern public transportation, and lack of a maintained infrastructure.

The U.S. has 5 things going for it, national parks, Hollywood, diversity (though I do have some Nationalist views towards preserving independent cultures while simultaneously pushing inclusiveness), road trips (huge and spread out, every state is different), and party culture. I would say food, but fast food has sort of ruined much of it, though if you subtract our unhealthy modern trends, we do have some great choices in all types of food categories.

As for politics, the U.S. is a giant cluster fuck, PERIOD! Until there is more agreement, nothing substantial will be accomplished. Right now we just have morons that vote to make history based on gender/ethnicity, vote a party simply because family has in the past, vote because of religion, etc. Such a huge number of voters do not make personal uninfluenced decisions.

That is what I am doing, regardless of what it hurts because it is what I want. It's MY vote, not yours, not the dumb dominant Democratic or Republican parties, or anyone else. I don't simply vote for better or worse, I vote for what I want and that is how it will always be regardless of media, relatives, friends, and/or the evils of opposing candidates that rival the others in popularity. Complain about it all you want, change only happens when multiple agree. You have already decided that that can't happen and fall in line with what is presented to you.

"Let me ask you something, if you truly wanted to protest would you go to the government designated area at the designated time with designated rules? That isn't a protest. That peaceful shit that doesn't hinder what is being targeted accomplishes nothing." 

At the same time, I do not support violent protests like select BLM riots in recent years that targeted civilian property/business unrelated to any law enforcement issues that they had. If a large enough proportion doesn't believe in something and it isn't changing, then you shut that shit down by occupying it in numbers until they have to listen.

That is hard to do here because we are so giant and spread out now. Hence the need for political unity, but as long as we have this near 50/50 conservative/liberal bullshit, nothing will become better for the general population. It will continue to benefit preexisting networked success stories, inherited wealth, etc, similar to peasants and nobles from bygone areas. Screw that.

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Sanjana Sharma said...

How these problems could be solved under these type of situation?


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