Aug 15, 2016

Talking White Privilege on Facebook Part: 1

"I don't even pay attention to what color they are."

Yes, you do; your brain does that for you. Flight or fight begins with cultural matching. We are tribal by nature. This isn't a crime, just a residual of natural selection. So to repeat; this isn't racial bias, we are all the same race.
"...but there is no difference between my American culture and the culture of another American who grew up near me."
That is the near absolute definition of white privilege.
That another culture has the same advantages I do so I don't have to think about it. "It just takes care of itself."
"Trying to say that blacks and whites have different cultures because...based on skin color"
You do not read what I write or filter it through your perceptions. We do have different cultures. Of course we do. On a graph we could see black and white culture merging in some aspects. But you wouldn't know what to do if you lived with a black urban family for a month. They are of the same race but of different ethnic backgrounds (depending of variables of geography, income, traditions etc.)

And many are segregated.

Income being the prime factor. Like I asked before, white couple, black couple, statistically who gets the bank loan first? Who has a higher percentage of getting a mortgage on their house, a primary way Americans send their kids to college.

Keep in mind I am 50yrs old. I was around on the eighties, the few black families in Tracy California, had to go to higher lengths to receive a loan. Even so far as bringing in a white friend to cosign. I remember the conversation my dad had about with mom, the first time I heard a conversation about the difficulties of being black in America.

So how many African-Americans went to college when I was college age. Where are they now? When they were less than ten percent of the population in the eighties, how many black men went to college and became captains of industry?

How many black men do you see on Forbes lists compared to whites? How many in congress? Judges, cops, lawyers, doctors? The news casts, even on Fox of all places has been blacker in the last decade than I EVER watched on TV growing up.

I don't know how old you are but life experience makes a difference. I have seen the changes for half a century.

It's waaaaay better but keep in mind that the last whites only drinking fountain was taken down the month I was born. While that may seem like ancient history to you, their father told them about racism (cultural-ism).
My father was a Vietnam vet. Vietnam was his drinking fountain for the government.
Do you think I was raised to trust the government?

These may seem like heady days for you in this era, and it should, we've all done a lot of work to get here.
But there is still work to do.

It begins with understanding history and our real place in it.

Author: Dennis M. Sweatt, Copyright 2016.

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