Oct 11, 2016

Is Bernie Sanders A Sellout?

Donald Trump Tape

Author: Dennis M. Sweatt

Every politician is a "sellout" depending on your terms. Considering they have to cater to a wide swath of constituents who all have varying needs required of their elected officials.

Since it was never about Bernie Sanders, then how can he be a sellout?
He was simply a masthead, not the ship.

This is and ought to be about the movement, which without Bernie would not be so prevalent. Bernie didn't die or leave the planet on a spaceship. If you believed in Bernie's message it was because of his tireless work for forty+ years which he is still fighting, within the system, to change the system; a system he was fighting to change before he became the progressive savior.

So before anyone crucifies him as a sellout, remember there is still time to save our nations 'soul' without a bloody sacrifice of a moral, if not perfect man.

That man doesn't want Donald 'Locker Room' Trump to be president either. A "moral vote" (third party) will make Trump president.

"We are adults, we have two candidates with the only chance to appoint a liberal judge. Guess who that is." (Author)

Would it be supporting Bernie's message to hand the lowest candidate the highest office?
If you support Bernie, support his call to vote for Hillary.
He will have her ear, and he has our voice.

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